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Malatinszky Organic Estate -Wine & Food Tasting Night 11.05.2018 

Organic Wine & Food Tasting Night
Malatinszky Organic Estate
Meet The Winemaker
FREAKIN' DISCO (Hungary) Electronic Music and Contemporary Jazz - Friday 30.03.2018 
Freakin’ Disco’s style is influenced by electronic music and contemporary jazz. 
This music makes the universe between your two ears expand to infinity, and you comprehend Einstein. 
Feels like you’re in a race, where time has slowed down and pulsates in your palms. 
Drums, synthesizer, guitar, bass. Four men, kicking in a huge cobweb. 
Entangled chords, wires, nerves.Perfect interplay.

Hungarian Food & Wine Tasting Night - Tuesday 13th of March 2018

Rosemary has a 3 years anniversary
We would like to invite you for a very special BOCK wine tasting night.
Celebrate with us! 13th March 8PM- Starts 20:00
Live Hungarian music FOLKTONE BAND
Hungarian Food & Wine Tasting Night - Friday 23rd of February 2018
Hungarian food and wine tasting night on Friday 23rd of February.
Over the past 3 years The Rosemary hosted a number of food and wine tasting, so what is so special about this?
First of all that all the wines are organic and biodynamic, coming from different regions, bringing very quality and special flavours to the wine lovers.
The food is a very exciting selection, including wild boar, quail, duck liver parfait and many more.
And of course we haven't forgotten about the vegetarians either.
To complete the evening, we will have live music, an excellent Hungarian Folktone Band.
February-March 2018 - Exhibitions
December 2017

08.12.2017  19.00  Friday - Free

Hungarian Cimbora Band have a special interactive  concert. 
With the  help of the audience  they play music composed from poems and tales. 

Interaktív vers-és mesekoncert mai magyar költők írásaiból.
November 2017
Wine cocktail night  26.11.2017 8pm
Do you like wine? Do you like cocktails? How about cocktails with wine?
Our first ever cocktail menu has been created but on the plus side, all of them made with delicious hungarian wines. Come down to The Rosemary on 26th of November (Sunday), 8 PM, for the new cocktail menu launching evening, and let’s enjoy it together.
Try our traditional hungarian cuisine, choose from more than 50 different kind of wines and feel yourself at home with the relaxing music in the background.

10-12th NOVEMBER 

Márton napok megnyitójaként, november 10-én este 8 órakor különleges vendégek a Rosemary Étteremben.
Müller Péter Sziámi and Friends koncert angolul és magyarul, zenével egybekötött irodalom, dal és életérzés Magyarországról.
Hungarian Food & Wine Tasting Night on Thursday 2nd November with Renowned Producer, Bock

Wine Dinner Menu
1.Bock Fanni Rose: -Salmon with apple in a lemon jus
Vegetarian option: -Halloumi Cheese 
2.Bock Portugieser:Pork-Stuffed Cabbage
Vegetarien Option: -Egg Frikadeller
3.Bock Cabernet Franc:-Roast pork loin with caramelised onion
Vegetarien option: -Mushroom Stew
4.Bock Royal cuvee:- Roast goose breast with braised red cabbage
Vegetarien option: -Pumpkin Risotto with Roasted 
Pumpkin seeds 
5.Bock Cuvee:-Cheese platter
May 2017
March-April 2017

As the Kekfesto*- blue dyeing design, is a big part of the Rosemary`s decoration, the artist, Ildiko Toth, who made our special pieces.
 *Kékfestő is the traditional Hungarian textile art of blue-dyeing. Using a wax-resist process similar to batik, white cotton or linen fabric is block-printed with molten wax to form the pattern. The fabric is then dyed blue. When the wax is removed, the areas protected by wax reveal the pattern in white on a blue background. This endangered art is still practiced today using centuries old equipment and techniques.

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