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Hungarian White Wines
Organic Dobosi Keknyelu

Organic Dobosi Keknyelu
The Dobosi Winery is a family business in the Balatonfüred-Csopak wine region. In the early 1700s their ancestors established themselves 5 km from Lake Balaton in the picturesque town of Szentantalfa situated, between Zanka and Nagyvázsony.
Dobosi keknyelu Organic
Dry organic white wine, protected designation of origin
Deep yellow colour, with an oily appearance. Its flavour and bouquet is dominated by mineral notes. Fine acid composition, harmonious wine. Still young, suitable for ageing. In Hungary, only a few dozen acres are cultivated.
Recommended serving temperature: 12-15 °C
Pannonhalmi Tricollis Cuvee

Due to its strict technological processing, this wine delivers the fresh and crispy flavours of early summer fruits with its floral and pleasant aromas during its first months after bottling while exhibits the deeper character of the Riesling varieties for the following months and years.
The selected grapes are harvested in biological ripeness and then they are destemmed, crushed and pressed except Gewürztraminer that has a one-day-long cold maceration before being pressed. 
Following settling and clearing the juices are fermented by specific yeast cultures under controlled temperature conditions. 
The rapid, oxygen-free processing technology makes it possible to transfer the primary characteristics of the grape juices into the wine.

Food match:
recommended to be consumed with roasted or cooked white meats and vegetable garnishes or as a perfect companion of friendly discussions
Herold Pannomhalmi Olaszrizling

Herold Pannonhalmi Olaszrizling

An important variety of the wine region – Its distinctiveness lies in its diversity: pristinely pure, layered on both the nose and the palate, and multi-dimensional.
Pure summer flower aromas with tropical notes.
Summer white-fleshed fruits on the palate, with a typical Olaszrizling finish with bitter almond.  
Herold Pannonhalmi Tramini

Herold Pannonhalmi Tramini

Brazen brown bunches picked at perfect ripeness and precise, quick, temperature-controlled fermentation.
That could be the key to the floral character so typical of the spicy Tramini. Tea rose, elderflower, lychee – pronounced nose with a serious range of aromas.
Elegant, appealing
Szeremley Balatoni Szurkebarat

Szeremley Balatoni Szürkebarát

A classic Badacsony white wine with stone fruit, floral and oak aromas born in (large) ászok barrels and tanks.
Its acidity, minerality and the flavours typical of the variety make it an exciting wine with long ageing potential.
Mori Ezerjo 

Thummerer Egri Kiralyleanyka

Classic dry white wine with a protected designation of origin from native Hungarian varieties. 
Region: Eger wine region

Wine Description: Pale greenish yellow color, light muscatel crisp grape fragrance, fresh, sleek, dynamic wine with a nice acid background.
Alcohol content: 13%, acid: 6,2 g/l. 

Recommendation: Enjoy as an aperitif with appetizers and with spring, summer vegetable dishes. 
It would be the perfect accompaniment to cucumber cannelloni with dill “zsendice” paste. 
It should be consumed at 8-9°C.
Thummerer Egri Muskotaly

Classic sweet white wine with a protected designation of origin. 
Region: Eger wine region, Noszvaj Csókás hill.

Wine Description: Bright, intense in the nose with grape flowers and muscatel notes. Thanks to its low alcohol content and its residual sugar it is a nice wine even for beginner wine lovers. 
Alcohol content: 11%, , residual sugar: 47,6 g/l. 

Recommendation: It matches best with desserts with cream and cottage cheese. It is great for afternoon and evening conversations. Serve at 10°C.
MAD Tokaji Furmint Dry
The new taste of the world
Our vineyards were classified among the first ones in the world in the 1700s, and are considered to be the best ones in the region.
Most of our wines are based on Furmint, one of the highest potential white grape varieties.
The Szent Tamás winery is led by Szepsy István Jr 18th generation winemaker.
Dry white wine named after its appellation, Mád village, which is surrounded by vineyards known among the best growing areas of the Tokaji wine region. 

This unoaked, lively white wine is produced from Furmint variety, which is able to express perfectly the minerality of the terroir of Mád. 
The refreshing acidity is driving the citrusy palate, with a touch of volcanic minerality in the finish.
Hungarian Red Wines
Kristinus Balatoni Red Cuvee

Lake Balaton is deep and shallow. Diverse and monochromatic: turquoise. Serious as an autumn storm and graceful as the July sunset. White, red and rosé. One kind - one production area. Immerse yourself in them and discover the harmony that the people farming these hills, the South-Balaton climate, the soil and the eco-friendly technology have to offer.
The best of our 55 hectares meet you in this cuvée. Every drop contains: 2000 hours of sunshine, merlot, velvet, zweigelt, mystery, cabernet franc, Lake Balaton and blue franc. If you have already been lost in her eyes, does it matter when you appear again?

Awards:  National Wine Excellency 2016 
Kristinus Balatoni Pinot Noir

"What is a better representation of the South Balaton terroir than the wine repertoire of Kristinus?
In addition to elegance, every drop of this unique selection - dominated by French varieties - preserves depth, a sense of ease, the taste of sunshine, the zest of the soil and all the characteristics of the Balaton Region at the same time.
Do you believe that a rosé can contain the turquoise of the lake? Can you imagine a light-bodied white transporting you into the deep? Would you trust a full-bodied red wine as your travel companion? Taste our wine and all your questions will be answered."

On Kéthely Hill, the forest and the vineyard are separated by the mere hop of a pheasant. Every drop contains: Lake Balaton, coolness, sunshine, and a linen shirt. Have you crossed all boundaries too?
Awards:  Balatonboglár Wine Region Wine Competition: Gold medal 2016
Lajver  Cabernet  Sauvignon

Lajver Avantgarde Cabernet  Sauvignon Szekszard

Lajvér wines begin a new chapter in the history of Szekszárd wine region, since they embody local traditions expressed in a modern way.
The speciality regarding vinification technology of Lajvérwinery lies in the exciting, two sided aspect of the estate: they use techniques that are typical of small, artisan wineries, however the size of the production is increased until they can work without making compromise.

Medium-bodied, juicy, spicy, fruity palate, and a long, delicious finish.
Lajver Szekszardi Kekfrankos

Lajver Avantgarde Kekfrankos Szekszard

Black berry fruit and a touch of violet with the delicious spices of the variety and the barrel defining both the nose and the palate.
Lajver Szekszardi Merlot

Lajver Avantgarde Merlot Szekszard

Dark ruby colour, spicy aromas with black fruit, and a warm, appealing, seriously fruity palate.
A complex, long and very tasty Merlot
Good drinkability, round structure, tons of fruit on the palate and the vibrant finish.
Schieber Szekszardi Kadarka

Schieber winery was established in 1978 as a family enterprise, under the name of Schieber Winery. We have grown vine and have produced wine on an almost 30-ha land. Our vine land, with an excellent location, is situated within the historical wine-producing area around Szekszárd called Baranyavölgy-vineyard. It is made up of the following vine types: Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Kékfrankos and Chardonnay.
We pay extra attention to producing excellent quality basic commodity and processing, we use eco-friendly integral growing technology in our production system. Mostly we turn over quality red wine mellowed in wood barrels.
Special and appreciated ‘authentic’ wine of Szekszárd.
Unique flavour and scent features are its characteristics.
It appears to be pigeon’s-blood and light, at the same time its taste and structure is characterised by a more prominent spiciness and an elegant acid structure.
Schieber Cabernet Franc Selection 


Dark purple-coloured, with a balanced savour body, fine tannins. Its scent is a blend of red berries and fine vanilla with the taste of plum and sloe, it is ajuicy red winewith delicate acerbity harmonically ringing-off.
Schieber Szekszard Cabernet


Garnet-red colour and spicy savour, complex taste and scent features. Full-bodied red wine rich in tannins.
Taste of cherry, black currant and blackberry.
Scent of fig and chocolate… variation of a great kind, complex playful rounded with an assortment-specific cranberry-flavoured acid, fruity.
Schieber Szekszard Merlot

Deep red colour with the scent of sour cherry cake and forest berries, with fine barrel features. Smooth rich savour, rounded harmonic overall effect
Takler SzekszardI Cabernet 

The Takler family has dealt with vinegrowing and winemaking since the 1700’s in this exceptional region.
At this time the Takler family, just as some other wine-maker families, settled in Szekszárd accordig to the settlement of Maria Teresia.
Their current winery established in 1987. is controlled by the „consultative board of three” Takler Ferenc and his two sons András and Ferenc.
The Takler „Trio” is now farming on 58 hectares, most of which is situated the best location of the wine region.

The winery reached excellent reputation in numerous national and international competitions.
Ferenc Takler was the „Winemaker of the Year” in 2004.
Wine Description: A full-bodied, vibrant red with rich bouquet. Notes of forest fruits, mainly blueberries make the velvety flavour particularly delectable. Aged in used oak barrels for 14 months.
 Consumption: Wild stew, mushroom dishes
Takler Szekszard Merlot

Takler Merlot

Wine Description: Bodied and smooth red wine with intense aromas of red berries, mainly raspberry.
Aged in second and third filled oak barrels for 16 months.
Consumption: wild ones, less mature cheeses
Serving temperature: 16 -17 
Takler Syrah

Takler Szekszard Syrah

An elegant, richly aromatic and flavoursome Szekszárd red from Decsi Hill’s windy and sunny loess plateau. Besides the fruity notes, the spiciness typical of the variety is at the forefront: ripe blue grapes, forest fruits and subtle barrel spices. It was aged in 500-litre barrels for 9 months.
Tiffan's Portuguiser Villany

DHC Villány Classicus Red Wine (Portugieser)

This type is the trademark of Villány.
The wine cellars in Villány are based on this traditional wine.
A good vintage Portugieser is a fresh, peachy, soft wine with less tannin, easy to consume young.

Tiffán’s Portugieser was grown up in the vineyards of Jammertal and Sterntal from Villány as well as the Várerdő and Ördögárok vineyard from Nagyharsány.
We pick the grapes in full ripeness and health, and we got a soft, silky, friendly Portugieser of them.
Tiffan's Immortal Cuvee Villany

IMMORTAL  DHC Villány Classicus Red Wine
(Kékfrankos - Pinot Noir - Merlot - Types of Cabernet - Portugieser - Syrah)

The blending of the main red wine grape types of Villány.
The taste itself definitely represents Villány. 
Each year we made a slight change in the combination of types.
The wine is aging in wooden barrels for a two-year period, and as a result we get a soft, beautiful red wine with gentle acids and matured tannin.

Gere Portuguiser Villany

Portugieser Villany
The typical variety of Villány wine region. 
Smooth, silky and really fruity red wine in which the primary nose and aroma of the grape dominate.
Easily drinkable, fresh, pleasant red wine.
Do not age it for long time since it is best to drink fresh.
Gere Villanyi Merlot

Gere Merlot
This wine is also famous about its fruitiness and this is surrounded nicely a nice spiciness. 
In its taste it is ripe and round, its tannin is silky, acids are playful.
The chocolate tones supplemented with milk caramel, and end with a nice long fruity aftertaste.
Gere Cabernet Sauvignon Villany

Cabernet sauvignon
One of the typical varieties of Villány which gives great red wines. 
This is a more filigrane variety which spends 16 months in great oak barrels. Full bodied but also elegant, pleasant red wine.

Gere Cabernet Sauvignon Barrique

Cabernet Sauvignon barrique

This is a full bodied interpretation of the variety.  
In its nose it is characterized by variegation: beside of various fruits the smokiness of the wood also appears nicely due to the longer barrique ageing.
Full bodied, complex wine, with long aftertaste.
Can be aged well.
Thummerer Cabernet-Merlot

Cabernet franc and Merlot
Classic dry red wine with a protected designation of origin. 
Region: Eger wine region, Novaj Juhszalagos hill, Szomolya Nagyvölgy hill.

Wine Description: Friendly, nice tannin content, round by aging.
Thanks to the two varieties the wine has spicy and fruity notes in addition to the barrique barrel aging that unifies the wine.
Alcohol content: 14%, acid content: 4,8 g/l. 

Recommendation: Serve with grilled food, poultry feathered game, rabbit. It would perfectly accompany rabbit with vegetables made in an iron pot, preferably consumed at 16-18°C.
Thummerer Bikaver SUPERIOR

Superior dry red wine with a protected designation of origin.
Region: Eger wine region, Estate Wine. Excellent vintage

Wine Description: Only the most outstanding vintages produce Superior, which is the top category of the Bikavér.
It contains varieties from both the Carpathian-basin and worldwide known varieties in equal balance. 18-month wooden barrel aging was followed by long aging in the bottles.
Alcohol content: 14,5%, acid content: 5,8 g/l.
Recommendation: It accompanies beef and wild games the best. For example, we suggest a pairing with grilled steak with potato strudel. It is best consumed at 16-18°C.
Silver Medal - Challenge International du Vin Bordeaux 2017
Golden Medal, Top Eger Bull's Blood - Eger Wine Region Wine Competition 2017
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