The Korinda Band is one of the newest bands of the movement of ‘Tanchaz’ (=dance house-a place where the admirers of Hungarian folk dance and music gather and learn different dances and songs of different regions).
They have 10 years of experience in the industry of folk music and they regularly hold concerts.
Most of their craftsmanship and expertise is gathered from ‘The Mentes Maskeppen Trio’ and from the Moldavian expert/informant of music, Andras Hordorog. These form the foundation of the individual style of sound which they have later developed and created.

They play an important part in the folk circles of the city of Szeged.
The Korinda Band use a mixture of ways to play their music: applying what they have learnt from the original recordings and musical informants, however, they are constantly searching for ways to find individual interpretations and possible ways to present their music.
Their new album, “Csangok es a keleti szekelyseg nepzeneje”, which is coming out soon, have already been performed for audiences in Hungary, ‘Karpatalja’, the United States of America and Moscow. Next, it is coming to the United Kingdom, where the audience will be able to experience folk music which is very rarely heard live!



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