18th of October (Friday)
One more night with Hunique Dance Ensemble at Rosemary!

Have you enjoyed the Hungarian folk dinner last time? Or have you missed it? Either way, with the great success recently, we are proud to announce and invite you to our extra performance show in October @Rosemary!

If you fancy a dinner seasoned by Hungarian folk music, dancing and singing atmosphere, don’t hesitate, book your table now!
Enjoy a delicious meal at Rosemary, on the 18 October (Friday) evening and be entertained by our amazing folk singers & dancers.

Hunique Dance Ensemble is celebrating it’s 10 years anniversary on 16 November with a spectacular gala performance at Shaw Theatre in Central London.
Being a fully run-by-volunteers charity we highly rely on your support to make our West End dream come true.
Be part of the celebration and contribute to our show.
There are actually some things that money can buy and every little counts.

Please note that £5 / person will be added to your bill as a nominal contribution to the event.
Book your table now @Rosemary Restaurant https://therosemary.london/contact

What do you support?
Visit website for more information about the Spectacular Anniversary Dance show:

You can purchase tickets to watch this only one time event in central London.
Tickets are on sale for the show here:

Donations show appreciation, thanks for your support,
Hunique Dance Ensemble

Please make your booking here.


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